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Things to Consider When You See a Stranded Motorist in St. Charles, MO That Needs Help

Getting stranded on the road can happen to any driver in the St. Charles, MO area. No matter how good your vehicle is, there is always a chance that it might act up or break down on the side of the road. Let’s say you are driving, and you see a stranded motorist on the side of the road. There are several things you can do in this situation if you are willing to help the person. Below we have listed four things that you can consider doing if you see a stranded motorist.

Help the Stranded Motorist Stay Calm

People tend to get panic-stricken and anxious when they become stranded. The first thing that you should do is help the driver remain calm because being anxious does not help anyone. It could also prove to be more dangerous for them or others. Do your best to help the driver think clearly, and to only take the actions that will be helpful in that situation.

Call a Towing Company

Calling a towing company is a smart idea in these types of situations. This is because they would help in a matter of minutes. Towing companies can either fix the problem with the vehicle or tow it away, allowing the driver to no longer be stranded. This is why calling a towing company would be very beneficial as it saves time as well as moving the car to where it is needed.

Assess the Situation

Some roadside emergencies don’t always need to require the services of a towing company. There are some instances where calling 911 is a better idea. This is especially true when someone runs into another car. In some cases, the accident may only require a police report if the damage is not server enough to immobilize the vehicles. No matter if anyone has been injured or not, the proper authorities should be called. This way you are able to help the stranded motorist or the victims of an accident.

Take Appropriate Steps if the Stranded Motorist is Injured

It would be a great idea to call the paramedics if someone has been injured at the scene of an accident, to ensure that no further injury is caused. People often are shaken up after accidents happen, and they may not know if they are injured or not. In some cases, the driver or other people who are involved in the accident are evaluated by the paramedics. This is to ensure they are not suffering from internal injuries.

We at Augie’s Towing strongly encourage safe driving. We know that situations can happen, and you may need roadside assistance. If you need help with your vehicle while on the road, give our team a call today!



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