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5 Simple Tips for Refueling Your Car if You Run Out of Gas

Running out of gas is something that happens to almost every driver. Nobody wants it to happen, however, it inevitably is going to happen. Having an empty gas tank is actually one of the most common causes for vehicles to break down.  We have compiled a list for all of you of the necessary steps to safely refuel your vehicle.

Tip 1: Safely Pull Over

If you happen to notice the gas is running out before your car starts to sputter to a standstill, make sure to pull over. You ideally want your vehicle to stop on the shoulder of the road, however, if you run out of gas in the middle of a lane just stay calm and wait for help. Make sure you also turn on your hazard lights and patiently and calmly wait for help.

Tip 2: Call a Towing Service to Deliver Gas to You

One of the easiest ways to get your car refueled when it runs out of gas is to call a tow truck service. Even though you commonly see tow trucks being used for towing broken-down vehicles, they are here to help all drivers. This includes delivering gasoline when you are stranded.

Tip 3: Phone a Friend

If there is not a town truck company nearby or you lack roadside assistance coverage, then calling a friend is a good idea. This is something we recommend when your vehicle has a breakdown near your work or home, as you can only expect a friend to drive a certain distance. You can ask them to bring you some spare gas or ask them to drive you to the nearest gas station and then back to your vehicle.

Tip 4: Check for a Nearby Gas Station on Your Phone

If you are not able to get anyone to come to give you gas or drive you to a gas station, you need to find one yourself. The easiest way you can do this is by checking your phone. Google Maps and Apple Maps both include buttons for gas stations, so it makes it easier to find them.

Tip 5: Only Walk to the Gas Station If it is Safe

This is one of the most important rules, as your safety is the top priority. You may feel comfortable enough to walk to the gas station but there as several risks to consider. Freeways or Highways should never be crossed on foot to get to a gas station, especially if it is dark. This creates a ton of risks including getting hit by drivers who are not paying attention. This also goes for places that are not properly lit up, as drivers would not be able to see you walking until it is too late. We strongly suggest not walking to a gas station in the dark because it can cause a ton of problems.

We at Augie’s Towing strongly encourage and promote safe driving. However, we know that somethings things go wrong and you may need roadside assistance, including when your car runs out of fuel. Our team offers fast & reliable towing and roadside assistance in Saint Charles, MO! If you are in a jam, call us to help!



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