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Safe Driving Tips When It’s Raining In St. Charles MO

Safe Driving Cautions while in the Rain

April showers have come and gone; however, that doesn’t mean that spring has stopped with the rain altogether. For most drivers, there is a particular caution that fills them when driving through storms. If you ever feel tense or worried about going in harsher weather conditions, you are not alone in that case. We have different tips to ease your mind while safely driving through weather like this and help keep you as safe as possible.

Slowing Down Your Speed

Let’s face it, when it’s 5 pm on a Monday, we all are ready to get home and start our wind-down process as soon as possible. However, when the weather isn’t as sunny as we all love, being careful could save your life. When the road is wet and slippery, make sure you are driving with total caution. By saying that, go slower than you usually would to ensure your safety. With slowing down your driving, also make sure to avoid sharp turns or braking too hard. This will reduce your car’s slide.

Increasing the Distance Between Cars

Make sure that you are driving slower, and keep in mind to add extra space between you and the car in front of you. Since it takes longer for vehicles to stop when the road is wet, this will be your safest option. You never know if your car will slide when you hit your brakes. Most car accidents that occur during weather like this are because drivers will stop abruptly without giving much room to the car in front of them.

Not Relying on Cruise Control

Most newer cars do have a cruise control feature. Cruise control works great when the weather is nice and sunny. However, relying on it during bad weather is not a great idea. Losing control when you have this feature set can happen more often than you would think. Avoid using it as much as you can, or not at all when the weather is terrible. This can protect you from hydroplaning. When you rely on cruise control, you depend on your car to determine the same speed. Keeping your own pace will help you not lose this focus.

Use Your Headlights

Using your headlights is highly recommended when the weather is not great. This will improve not only your visibility, but other drivers will be able to see your car better when its lights are on. With this, it is very tempting to use your highest beams. We don’t recommend this. This could worsen not only your vision but impair the other drivers on the road.

Be Cautions Around Larger Vehicles

If you are in a smaller car, keep an eye out for semi-trucks or other larger vehicles passing you. Larger vehicles on the road will, unfortunately, lose their control more than just a car. It’s always hard for them to stay in their lanes since they don’t have control of the backs of the trucks. So keep as much distance as you can when it comes to these types of trucks.

Anytime that there is a storm, drivers tend to gear more toward safe driving. However, we understand that sometimes, there are certain situations that we cannot control, and we need assistance. With Augie’s, we are here to help you in any of those situations in the future. We are the towing company for you and will help you in any way that we can. Our trusted team will guide you through help with any towing or roadside assistance needed!



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