Avoid being Distracted by your Phone while Driving in St. Charles, MO!

 Avoiding Reckless Drivers Who Are Distracted by Phones

Driving without caution is one of the many ways that someone is bound to get into an accident. When you add being on your phone to the equation, then it’s even worse. One of the most significant issues when it comes to distracted driving is that you can cause an accident in a matter of seconds. If you are looking down to check a text, that could be the time it takes for you to generate a severe crash. Unfortunately, those who don’t use their phones while driving can still find themselves in accidents. To prevent this from happening, we have different ways that you can steer clear of these drivers as much as possible.

Safely Observe Other Drivers

When you are driving on the road with someone you notice is distracted driving, make sure that you keep a close eye on them. While that this in mind, you need to be mindful of your position and driving. Ensure that you are using your mirrors to observe other drivers on the road when it is safe to do so. Just keep your eyes moving and be fully aware of your surroundings.

Keeping a Safe Distance 

Keeping a distance away from the cars in front of you is a perfect option to avoid any reckless drivers. This way, you have a safe enough space to help minimize the risk of getting into a specific accident. Also, if you are staying a few car lengths behind a driver and see they are on their phone, this gives you a nice amount of time to react to their driving errors.

Don’t Speed

This is a simple but very effective way to avoid drivers who are distracted by their phones. If you notice a driver on their phone, give yourself a chance to slow down. This gives you time to react to any situation. Then, if they lose control or are not paying attention, you have time to get away as soon as possible.

Here at Augie’s, we want you to be as safe as possible. We know that there are different situations where you won’t control the other driver and their actions. If you are found in a case where an accident has happened, give us a call to help you.



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