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Advice on Leaving your Vehicle to Be Towed in St. Charles, MO

You may not be able to stay with your vehicle while waiting for it to get towed in the St. Charles, MO area when it breaks down on the road. You may need to get to your destination as soon as possible, or you may have your children with you, or it could just be too hot to wait outside for a tow truck. It is important to follow these steps before you leave your vehicle to get picked up by a towing company without your presence.

Inform the Local Authorities

Call the police in the area and tell them that your vehicle has broken down. Explain to them where your vehicle is located and tell them you called a tow truck to pick up your vehicle at a certain time. You need to do this since it will decrease the chances your vehicle will be impounded. After around a day or two with your vehicle sitting seemingly abandoned, the police will have it towed. It’s also important to have a record to refer to in the event your vehicle gets vandalized before the tow truck arrives. This can help you report vandalism as well as possibly get an insurance claim for the damages.

Removing Anything Valuable

Remember to take anything of any value out of your vehicle before you leave it. This will lower the chances that it will be vandalized, and your items will be stolen. Lock your vehicle and find a safe spot to leave the keys in case the tow truck driver needs to put your car in neutral to move it.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company that you will be leaving your vehicle unattended while it is waiting to get towed. Give the insurance company the towing company’s contact information so the insurance agent can check to make sure your car was taken care of by the towing specialist.

Ensure That Your Car is Visible

Make your vehicle as noticeable to other drivers and your towing company as possible. Pop your hood to signify that it has broken down. Turn on your hazard lights. You can also try hanging a shirt or a piece of cloth from the window. By showing your car is broken down, it will alert drivers to slow down and avoid hitting your vehicle.

Call a Towing Company

Call a towing company you know and let them know that you will not be with your vehicle when they arrive. Ask for the tow truck driver to call you when they arrive at your vehicle. Remember to ask them how long it will take for them to get your vehicle to its destination.

Need a dependable towing company in St. Charles, MO who can tow your truck without you there? Do not hesitate to call our team over at Augie’s Towing and we will assist you in any way we can.



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